Marshall 1962HW Handwired Bluesbreaker Guitar Amp Combo 30W 2 x 12

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1962HW – A Handwired version of the 1962 ‘Bluesbreaker’ combo. At 30 watts output, this is possibly the ultimate classic valve combo. Featuring 4xECC83 & 2xKT66 valves, Celestion G12-C speakers, GZ34 valve rectifier and classic 4 inputs, all of the nostalgic tone from the original ‘Bluesbreaker’ and more is featured here. SPECIFICATIONS: • Handwired Tag Board Circuits • Tremolo Feature (footswitch included) • Vintage Toggle Switches, power indicators and cosmetic styling • Made in the UK • Voltage and Impedance Selector Switch • Full EQ section and 4 inputs WHAT'S IN THE BOX?: Footswitch
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